Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Gramps and the Snowman Saturday Evening Post December 1919

Norman Rockwell is well known for his paintings that show Americans going about their ordinary lives in days gone by.

He started out illustrating children’s books at the fairly young age of 16 and went on eventually to work for the Saturday Evening Post.

In almost fifty years, he created 321 illustrations for covers on the magazines and although he did other work, he is best known for those covers.

I love this illustration, Rockwell's 25th cover, which features a grandfather off on a fun winter or Christmas time errand and a snowman made in his likeness. The image is know by three names: Gramps Encounters Gramps, Snow Sculpture and Gramps and the Snowman. I think I like the third title best.

The original painting is in the Newman Galleries collection in Philadelphia.

A reproduction giclee print of this cover is available from Allposters.com in a variety of sizes, framed or unframed by clicking here.

An original cover is hard to come by.  You will be lucky to find it in any condition. When I was writing this post, there was one cover available on eBay. You can check and see if one might be available right now by clicking here.

It is the perfect cover for a holiday issue. It does make me wonder what was happening in the world in December, 1919 when The Saturday Evening Post used this cover. How about you?

Merry Christmas!

Quick Links:

Buy this reproduction print from Allposters.com.
Check eBay for the original Gramps and the Snowman cover.

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