Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Hallmark's Keepsake Berry Sweet Bear Christmas Ornament 2010

Introducing A Berry Sweet Bear Hallmark Ornament

Let me introduce you to Hallmark Keepsake's Berry Sweet Bear Christmas Ornament. This bear was created by Sue Tague and was part of Hallmark's 2010 Christmas ornament collection. This cute little guy was issued in two colors known as "Chocolate" and "Vanilla."

The Chocolate Berry Sweet Bear was a contest prize during the 2010 ornament launch. Apparently, every store received one of the brown-colored bears to give away as a prize. That makes this bear a hard-to-find and sought after collector's item with only approximately 3,500 of them having been produced and put into circulation.

Hallmark calls The Vanilla Berry Sweet Bear (not shown here) a 'repaint' or 'colorway' of the first, the Chocolate bear. It was also be a contest prize and was given away in limited numbers during the Hallmark Artists On Tour signing events that year. The signing events took place in a number of U.S. locations over a period of approximately two months.

Merry Christmas!

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