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Our team works hard to bring you unique and fun ideas for Christmas - decorations, gifts, music, and more - every day! Let us introduce ourselves.

Susan is a baby boomer, a blogger, a retired homeschool mom, and a writer and reviewer for a variety of online sites including HubPages.  She still checks under the Christmas tree every year for the hippopotamus she's wanted for Christmas since she was two!

Dianne is a wife and mother who enjoys being a Giant Squid and a T-shirt designer. On sunny summer days when not working on internet projects, Dianne loves to cruise with her hubby in their convertible. Unlike Susan, she does not wish to find a hippopotamus under her Christmas tree, but rather, a box of gourmet chocolates. Milk chocolate with nuts please.

Brenda is a Top-Rated Seller on eBay who should be listing items as we speak. However, she is often sidetracked by all the fun that she is having working with her online friends and writing online for sites like Hubpages. By the way, Brenda has never yearned for a hippo nor for milk chocolate with nuts. She prefers popcorn … and a good Christmas movie. You can check out Brenda's eBay listings by clicking here.

Joan is a happy grandma who enjoys writing blogs and Squidoo lenses. Joan totally enjoys playing with the grandchildren and firmly believes Santa loves grandmas best of all! She does not want a hippo, would love some chocolate, especially chocolate cake, and hopes Santa's bag is full of electronic toys and gadgets this year!

Carma blogs about funny t-shirts and homeschooling as well as writing pages on Squidoo and creating t-shirt designs that amuse her, and may or may not amuse anyone else. In between these important pursuits, she fits in homeschooling her four children. She wants neither a hippo nor milk chocolate, but wouldn't mind a nice hippopotamus-sized piece of really good, smooth, dark chocolate, as long as she doesn't have to share.

Robin is a Giant Squid Organizer and the Hostess of the Cupcake Club on Squidoo.  She loves her family, the spirit of Christmas, and hanging out in her garden. Robin believes in Santa and trusts that he knows what she wants for Christmas has absolutely nothing to do with hippopotamuses, or chocolate.

Disclaimer: We may receive a small commission on sales made through clicks to products offered for sale on this blog. Product reviews contained herein are unsolicited and no compensation has been offered or given by the owners or manufacturers of any items for reviews, positive or otherwise, unless stated otherwise.

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The product reviews contained herein are unsolicited and no compensation has been offered or given by the manufacturers of any items for reviews, positive or otherwise. If you purchase an item through Amazon, I may receive a small commission based on an affiliate relationship.

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