Friday, December 9, 2011

Love Lego? You'll Love The Lego Christmas Sets!

As a lifelong fan of Lego and a mother of two Lego loving boys, I really enjoy seeing the Lego Christmas sets, like this toy shop set. This set is a Lego Creator set called Winter Toy Shop and is set number 10199. It has 815 pieces and includes a toy shop filled with toys, 7 minifigures and a Lego brick that lights up.

It is my understanding that Lego releases these kits in a somewhat limited manner, which is unfortunate because it means that they quickly become more expensive than the original list price.  If you are going to start a collection, I recommend that you make sure you buy them as they are released and not after they have had a chance to become sought after collector's items.

Meanwhile, to add the sets you don't already own to your collection, you can check out the toy shop,  holiday bakery and winter village post office on Amazon by clicking on the appropriate link. You will also enjoy visiting the large selection of Lego Christmas themed sets gathered together on this page. I recommend you consider shopping off season when the prices might be a bit lower, although I would never expect to find a true bargain on one of these fantastic holiday themed Lego sets.

Merry Christmas!

Quick Links:

Order Lego's Winter Toy Shop set from Amazon.
Check out a page full of Lego Christmas themed sets.
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