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If You Take A Mouse To the Movies A Special Christmas Edition Children's Picture Book from Laura Numeroff

Celebrate Christmas with the famous mouse from If You Give A Mouse A Cookie

If You Take A Mouse To the Movies is another wonderful Laura Numeroff children's book This version of If You Take A Mouse To The Movies is a gorgeous hardcover Christmas edition which includes the original story, recipes, sheet music, games a CD and more. If you are looking for a great review of this wonderful children's picture book, read on. If you are looking for the perfect Christmas present for a family with young children, your search is over. Laura Numeroff and Felicia Bond have teamed up this time to make, in my opinion, the best-ever book in the If You Give series.

What Is In The Special Christmas Edition of If You Take A Mouse To The Movies?

This beautiful hardcover book contains 72 pages of Christmas fun for you and your children. It includes the original story, If You Take a Mouse to the Movies, plus so much more as well as a Christmas-themed CD. Also included:

- Welcome Letters from Laura Numeroff (the Author) and Felicia Bond (the Artist)
- The Story, If You Take A Mouse To The Movies
- What Can You Find on Mouse's Christmas tree?
- How to Make Your Own Elf Ornaments, Just Like Mouse
- Mouse's Favorite Chocolate Chip Cookies
- Felicia Bond's Chocolate Refrigerator Roll
- Laura Numeroff's Favorite Norwegian Christmas Cookies
- Mouse's Favorite Christmas Things
- Write Your Own Christmas Story
- Real-Life Stories About the Holidays
- Mouse's 12 Days of Christmas Song
- A Christmas Medley: Mouse-Style Song
-  A Few Sketches from Felicia Bond

The If You Take A Mouse To The Movies CD Includes:

Add a new dimension to your story telling with this great CD. Your child will enjoy listening, reading along and singing two Christmas carols.

- If You Take A Mouse To The Movies read by Jason Alelxander
- Introduction to Christmas carols
- Mouse's Twelve Days of Christmas
- Anecdotes about the author and artist
- A Christmas Medley: Mouse-Style
- Introduction to reading with turn-the-page music
- If You Take A Mouse To The Movies with turn-the-page music

More Reviews

I believe that there is nothing like a customer review for learning about the quality of a product. In these quotes, the adults are speaking but the children are sending you a message, too.

"My two oldest grandchildren, Bodie, age 2 1/2, and Sadie, age 5, absolutely LOVE all of the Laura Numeroff "If You ..." books! The newest one has been read over and over again, one after another! Whenever I ask Bodie if he wants me to read him a book, he goes to the bookcase and comes back with a huge armful of books and they are ALL Laura Numeroff's books! I highly recommend If You Take a Mouse to the Movies and the rest of the series, as well!" - Marilyn Beaumont

"Who knew that our friend the mouse from IF YOU GIVE A MOUSE A COOKIE had a Christmas book? My 3 year old and I discovered IF YOU TAKE A MOUSE TO THE MOVIES this year just in time for the holidays. We love MOUSE/COOKIE very much and were very excited to read this Christmas version. My wee one delights in IF YOU TAKE A MOUSE TO THE MOVIES almost as much as the original MOUSE/COOKIE. Christmas themed, funny to both of us, and just the right length for bedtime - what else could you ask for? The illustrations by Felicia Bond are bright in color, rich in detail, and very, very fun. The pictures make you giggle as much as the story. That mouse is just so darned funny." - Karen Joan

"My seventeen-month old son will search through his vast library to find this book (and the others in this series), protesting when I try to compromise with another selection. He loves the story, knows when to turn the page (which is no longer necessary, as I can recite them all from memory) and will accept no subsitute. I even tried burying the books away so that I could read something new to him, but he dug them out, carried them down the stairs and insisted I drop everything to recall what are apparently his favorite stories." - Tiffany

Finally, Tamara W. Davis Offers A Word of Warning For This Book:

"If you buy this book, then you will want to buy all the others in the "If You..." series. And if you buy the other books in the series, you may want to buy other books by Laura Numeroff and Felicia Bond. And you'll have lots of fun reading. And then you'll want to share the book with your friends..."

Will you be adding this book to your children's Christmas picture book collection? I think it would make a lovely, affordable gift for any young child who loves books and story time. You can buy your copy of  If You Take a Mouse to the Movies Christmas Edition from Amazon by clicking right here.


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